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Written & Directed by Jessie Klearman

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18-year-old cool girl, Dax, goes on an unexpected adventure when typical Friday night activities get out of hand with the rise of her addiction to tagging. 


Boondax was selected at the St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase, The Urban Film Festival, The SOCAL Film Awards, and The White Unicorn International Film Festival.



Sidne Phillips 

Susannah Kim

Romello Bernstine

Eric Henry Brown

Written & Directed by Jessie Klearman

DP: Mengyuan "Vivian" He

Producer: Sasha Shulman

1st AD: David Marquez

Production Designer: Kunlin Wang

Costume Designer: Jessie Klearman

Makeup Artist: Kira Isfan

Music by B.V.M.

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