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Jessie Klearman

JESSIE KLEARMAN is a writer/ director based out of Los Angeles, in December of 2020 she earned her MFA in writing and directing at UCLA. Jessie received the 2019 Bill Lee Comedy Award and the 2020 Joel Siegel and Holly Foreign Press Association Thesis Awards. Before moving west Jessie earned a B.A. in screenwriting from Webster University, a school local to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Jessie has written, directed and produced several short films. Her thesis film "Captain Ocean," will be hitting the festival circuit in 2022. It is an experimental short film about a man who is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit, and what freedom means to him. Jessie was the writer, director, cinematographer,producer and more, showcasing her vast knowledge of the craft, and creativity under the unusual circumstances of a pandemic. Her debut film “Boondax” was nominated for “Best Student Film” at the White Unicorn International Film Festival, and selected at the Urban Film Festival, SoCal Film Awards and The St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase. Her second short film titled, “Presents” was nominated for the Best Student Film at the 2021 HorrorHaus Film Festival, where it debuted live in October. Other nominations include “Best Narrative Short” and “Best Female Filmmaker” at the 2021 Cannes International Cinema Awards. Jessie has also found a passion for directing music videos, from “35 Bands,” by rapper 6iix Boy to "Ghost" by Leila Sunier, which was granted an honorable mention at the Palm Beach International Music Awards in the "Best Director" category. Jessie has held multiple internship positions, in 2021 she interned for Oscar winning music video Director, Dave Meyers, where she collaborated on the treatment of Ed Sheeran's music video "Shivers."  Previously she worked as a social media and marketing intern with famed record producer Zak “Fox” Jablow who is known for working with Chance The Rapper, Wu-Tang Clan and others. Lastly, in 2015, Jessie interned at STARZ Entertainment in the Copywriting department. Jessie is a pop culture enthusiast with a passion for social justice as well as a talented and versatile writer.


@directorjessie (IG)



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